Oxford resident creates Andyman Services for maintenance


Photo provided by Andyman Services

Andrew Swatzell, of Andyman Services, specializes in doing whatever is needed to solve his customer’s maintenance and repair needs, including, in this case, cleaning out gutters.

By Lauren Blitstein

The year 2020 was not ideal for new business endeavors. For Oxford resident Andrew Swatzell and his company Andyman Services, however, the timing felt right. 

Andrew Swatzell is the handyman behind Andyman Services, with a Facebook page that says: “If it’s broken, call, we will fix it!” 

The 42-year-old says he has always enjoyed fixing things. Growing up, he remembers helping around the house with his dad. As he got older, he says he was constantly lending a hand and helping his inner circle with home improvement projects. Through these projects, he developed the repair and renovation skills needed to start his career.

He entered the construction industry as an electrician in 1999 and now has more than 20 years of experience in building trades and property management

While friends and family had long encouraged him to break off and start his own handyman service, Swatzell says he never had the courage, but in November 2019, he found himself craving a change. 

“My wife (Kayleigh), who is always right, had been encouraging me to do it for years,” Swatzell says. “ It finally seemed like the time was right, so I said ‘let’s pull the trigger.’”

Together, they created Andyman Services — a home maintenance contracting company committed to helping homeowners. From kitchen and bathroom renovations to vacant property watching, Andyman Services is assisting the Oxford community with a wide range of repair, maintenance and remodeling solutions. 

“When I could tell he was really thinking about going through with it, I made a logo and sent it out to him and just didn’t give him a choice,” Kayleigh says. 

Their logo of a character in overalls and cap loaded down with tools for just about any job now adorns his Facebook page and a new website that is under development.

To Swatzell, what sets Andyman Services apart from other contractors is a commitment to affordable prices. Swatzell said, when he founded the company, he did not want to charge anyone a premium rate. 

“I am a strong proponent for the idea that homeowners need an outlet to get work done on their houses at a low rate with quality craftsmanship,” he said. Still, he does offer suggestions for where a homeowner might find a little cash to do some home repairs:

“What are you going to do with your taxes, assuming you don’t owe, and with your stimulus?” he asked in a recent Facebook post. Contact me, I can help you put that money back into your [home] to keep it maintained or make improvements to area(s) that you’re tired of looking at.”

Swatzell’s services are not limited to residential projects. Recently, he contributed to the renovation of Spring Street Treats, 321 W. Spring Street. 

Spring Street Treats owner Allen Ansorg, was renovating his business and called on Andyman Services for assistance.  

“Just like his name, he can perform all different types of services,” Ansorg said.

Swatzell led Ansorg through a major remodel that included electrical and plumbing, as well as many finishing touches. 

“He was my advisor, my guy,” Ansorg said. “He brought the knowledge and tools to help me complete the remodel.”

As for what’s next for Andyman Services, Swatzell has a number of innovative ideas, including a virtual handyman service being developed for his website where he would be able to talk a homeowner through a repair or help diagnose a problem – an advantage for people who has concerns about outsiders entering their home during the pandemic.