Fairfield and Hamilton provide fireworks displays as scheduled

By Emily Gentry

Oxford won’t have much pop and sizzle this Fourth of July, as the city and Hueston Woods have canceled their fireworks displays to avoid crowds during the pandemic. But you will still be able to see some pyrotechnics in Fairfield and Hamilton.

Hamilton, approximately 30 minutes away, has canceled its parade, but is still putting on a fireworks show at 10 p.m. Saturday, July 4, from Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum. The display is designed to be brighter for increased visibility from outlying vantage points. The city of Hamilton has several suggested viewing locations for this display including Joyce Park soccer fields, Miami University Hamilton’s parking lot, Officer Bob Gentry Park and the Booker T Washington Community Center. The display should be around 15 to 20 minutes long.

Fairfield, approximately 30 minutes away, is also having a “Red, White & Kaboom!” fireworks display at 10 p.m. Friday, July 3 in William Harbin Park. The length of the show will be shortened from 35 minutes to 20, but the display will include bigger shells and a larger shooting zone in order to better the viewing experience. The fireworks will be provided by Rozzi Famous Fireworks.

Due to many firework display cancelations nationwide, the fireworks industry has taken a major hit. “It’s been pretty devastating to the entire industry,” said Joe Rozzi, vice president of sales for Rozzi Fireworks, in Symmes Township. Many think of Fourth of July when they consider fireworks, however, Rozzi Fireworks also does sporting events, church festivals, and other occasions. “With the many cancelations, most of us in the industry are 60% or 70% down and it’s definitely been tough,” said Rozzi.

When contemplating individual firework displays, consider Ohio law. What’s legal in Ohio:

  • Sparklers
  • Snaps
  • Snakes
  • Smoke devices
  • Novelty items

For more information on Fourth of July celebrations, check out Butler County’s Visitor Bureau’s website.