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Oxford foundation approves grant request for fall

November 29, 2019

The Oxford Community Foundation announced on Nov. 22 that it has approved 11 grant requests totaling $28,650 for the fall of 2019.The Foundation has served the Greater Oxford area since 1996 and is responsible for overseeing an...

Assistance programs help students achieve at school

By Lauren Shassere

November 15, 2019

Without some of the programs Talawanda schools have in place for its less fortunate students, many would likely be hungry, struggle in class and be set up for failure. Lindsey Gregg, director of teaching and learning at Talawanda,...

Three Miami University staff members win seats on the Talawanda Board of Education

By Aaron Smith

November 8, 2019

Rebecca Howard, Kathleen Knight-Abowitz and Chris Otto won the three available seats on the Talawanda Board of Education in Tuesday’s election. Howard received 19.98% of the votes and a total of 2,824 votes;  Knight-Abowitz received ...

Butler County PAC endorses candidates for November election

By Ryan McSheffrey

September 13, 2019

The Butler County Progressive Political Action Committee (BCPPAC) endorsed three candidates for Oxford City Council and three candidates for the Talawanda Board of Education in this fall’s election, at its Tuesday meeting. Th...

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