Butler County reaches high COVID-19 transmission

By Stella Beerman

Butler County has reached a high level of community transmission of COVID-19, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The CDC ranks counties based upon how many cases per 100,000 people are happening every seven days. 

Transmission is considered high when 100 or more new cases (10%) are occurring per week. Transmission is considered substantial when 50-90 new cases (8-9%) occur per week. 

Currently, Butler County has approximately 1,500 active cases, according to the COVID-19 dashboard for the State of Ohio. 

In a statement released by the Butler County Health Department July 19. The number of COVID cases were up by 117%, compared to the previous 14 days. 

Jennifer Bailer, Butler County health commissioner, urged residents of Butler County to get vaccinated in the statement. 

“If you or your loved ones have not yet gotten vaccinated, now is the time,” Bailer wrote. 

Despite this warning back in mid-July, Butler County is still experiencing vaccine hesitancy among its residents. 

According to the vaccination dashboard from the health department, only 50% of those in the county are vaccinated. This is only a 6% difference from June 25, when Butler County sat at 44%.

In the same statement from the Butler County Health Department, Kay Karrar, Hamilton health commissioner, said most people going to the hospital for COVID-19 treatment are unvaccinated. 

“Getting vaccinated is the easiest way to protect you and those around you from serious illness,” Karrar said.