Annexation of Vacant Land Changes Speed Limit near Pool


Oxford City Council is annexing 148 acres just west of the entrance to Oxford Community Park to better control traffic speed and pedestrian safety in the area. Photo by Aaron Smith

By Aaron Smith

Oxford is growing by 148 acres.

City Council approved the annexation of the 148.258-acre parcel on Fairfield Road during a first reading at council’s Tuesday meeting.  The vacant land, owned by Miami University, sits just west of the Oxford Community Park.

Annexing the land will allow the city to install crosswalks and control the speed limit on the road near the park. Earlier this summer the city’s new community pool opened at the park, which added to the number of pedestrians in the area. The city manager, Douglas Elliott, explained the added pedestrians prompted the concern over the speed limit and pedestrian safety.

A new crosswalk and pedestrian warning sign recently added on Fairfield Road near Oxford Community Park on a parcel the city of Oxford is annexing. Photo by Aaron Smith

The speed limit has now been lowered to 35 mph. Before the change, the speed limit was 45 mph going out of Oxford and coming into the city, the speed limit was 55 mph.

Oxford City Council has lowered the speed limit on Fairfield Road near the entrance to the new Oxford Community Pool to 35 mph. The city is annexing 148 acres adjacent to the site so it can control traffic in the area. Photo by Aaron Smith

“People would drive exceeding the speed,” Elliott said.  

The Butler County Commissioner approved the annexation last spring, leaving the city to finalize the annexation. A final second reading of the ordinance is expected to pass at council’s Aug. 20 meeting.