Help us share stories of those lost to COVID-19

By Sara Coy

As death rates decline and vaccinations go up, it is popular to say the end of the COVID-19 pandemic is in sight. More than 500,000 Americans will not see a return to “normalcy.” Will life ever be “normal” again for those who have been left behind?

Of all the deaths, at least 505 people are from Butler County. The age range of those impacted varies from infants to great grandparents. The average age of those who died is 72, according to Butler County COVID-19 Dashboard. 

The statistics are clear, but humanity is not. Nightly news records the increase in numbers, but what they do not mention is the loss of a local firefighter, an elementary school principal or the corner gas station night shift employee. 

To understand what our community has lost, and continues to lose, the Oxford Observer wants your help. Please share the stories of your loved ones and fellow community members who have died from the virus. We invite you to be part of telling this story. They deserve to be remembered for how they helped shape the Oxford community. 

If you, or anyone you know, lost someone to COVID-19, please send an email to [email protected] with your name and a phone number so we can continue this conversation. We will look for information and photographs about who these people were and what impact they left on the community.