Oxford joins other Ohio municipalities to advocate for clean energy


City of Oxford Logo.

The City of Oxford recently joined Power a Clean Future Ohio, a nonpartisan coalition of Ohio municipalities, to advocate for clean energy adoption and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

This aligns with Oxford’s Climate Action Steering Committee and Environmental Commission goals. The objectives include a 50% reduction below the 2019 baseline by 2030, a 90% reduction below the 2019 baseline by 2040, and achieving community-wide neutrality by 2045.

The city is also focusing on 100% renewable energy, adherence to the Global Covenant of Mayors, completion of a greenhouse gas inventory in collaboration with university students and establishing an urban forestry program.

“Power a Clean Future Ohio supports communities like the City of Oxford with the tools and resources to implement practical policies specific to their needs as they seek to reduce carbon emissions,” said Joe Flarida, the group’s executive director. “We welcome the City of Oxford in joining our efforts to identify approaches to clean energy that are achievable, measurable, equitable and economical.”

Oxford is the 44th community to join Power a Clean Future Ohio. Over one-third of Ohio residents now live in a PCFO community.