Volunteers to remove invasive species at Hueston Woods

Audubon Miami Valley will hold an invasive species removal project at Hueston Woods State Park from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m Saturday, April 29 . The event will welcome volunteers to rid the park of invasive plants that affect the native shrubbery migratory and nesting birds rely on, including Dutchman’s breeches, pawpaw, spicebush and trilliums.

Volunteers will meet at the Maple Grove Picnic Area in the park, located on the west side of the lake near the marina. Pizza will be provided.

Audubon Miami Valley suggests volunteers dress for the weather in long pants and athletic shoes or boots, and to bring their own water bottles. Gloves and tools will be provided for the volunteers to hand-pull weeds and complete other trail maintenance tasks.

Volunteers are asked to register with Gail Reynolds at the email address: [email protected].