Cicada season brings out colorful bug-eyed pictures

First Janice McLaughlin sent a photo of a white-eyed cicada, then a peach-eyed one. Now, this week she found one with eyes in a bright orange. 

“Orange you glad to see another photo of cicada eyes?” she quipped.

The buzzing little beasties are expected to be around this part of the Midwest through the end of June, before burrowing back underground for another 17 years.

If you think we are obsessed with them here, you should go to Le Beausset, a village in southern France, where the Washington Post reports the bugs are honored with a statue and a public relations campaign that likens the buzz of cicadas to the warmth of sunshine.

Enjoy the buzz and send us interesting pictures, accounts or recipes that mark your experience with the cicadas. The Observer will post a selection of pieces every week through June.