Share Your Turkey Day Traditions with the Observer

The Observer wants you to share your Thanksgiving traditions with us. Starting today (Nov. 2), we will include snippets about the memories, traditions and recipes contributed from the community and our staff. We want to hear from readers about the things they look forward to on this most American of holidays.

Do you serve something other than turkey? Is there a secret recipe in your family passed down through the generations? Do you forego the traditional feast and instead do something else as a family?

Here is an example from reporter Halie Barger:

“My family has a cheesecake recipe that has been passed down for years. This cherry cheesecake is fought over every year when dessert is served, and there never seems to be enough for Thanksgiving. My aunt makes the recipe, and often times my uncle will take a piece out of the middle before he even arrives to the family dinner. I look forward to fighting over, and getting a piece, and hope that one day the recipe will be passed down to me.”

And from reporter Peyton Gigante:

“Since I was little (and old enough to work a mixer), my Grandma and I have held up the tradition of making homemade whipped cream for the abundance of pies my family demands. I’m the oldest cousin on my mom’s side, and what once started as a tradition with just my Grandma and me, now has evolved into my sister, my little cousin and myself all getting into process of  our homemade whipped cream creation.”

Please send your submissions to  [email protected]. Be sure to include your telephone number so that we can get back to you.