Letter to the editor: A challenge to the wording on school budget stories

Dear Oxford Observer editors:

Thank you for reporting on the programs and severe inconveniences that our schools and parents experience. Usually (or always) the reason for these cuts and changes is described as an action “to save money.”

Each time I read that, it sounds like the schools have money stored somewhere, and they want to add to it (i.e., add to our saved money). It then makes me wonder if people who didn’t vote for the levy also think the schools have money stashed away that they’re augmenting.

From this reader’s perspective, I would like to read that a program is being cut back or eliminated because “the existing budget and priorities do not support funding it.” (Or something like that.) Because our voters didn’t approve the levy, it seems fair for them to know the schools are not saving money (but they can’t afford it), and there’s no money there to spend.


Jeffrie Story

Melinda Drive

Oxford, Ohio