Oxford arrests down 32.1% from 2021


Graphic by Kasey Turman

The number of arrests made by Oxford police was lower in 2022 than in 2021 or 2022. Source: Oxford Police Community Relations and Review Committee

By Kasey Turman

Oxford Police arrested fewer people in 2022 than in the previous two years. 

Police recorded 386 arrests in 2022; 568 arrests in 2021; and 455 arrests in 2020.

Chief John Jones said the difference reflected both a reduction in uptown bar traffic and in the number of officers on patrol on weekend nights.

“People are going home earlier at night and we’re not seeing the large parties,” Jones said. “We’re not making as many arrests for that type of stuff [drinking-related charges].”

He also said the department had several new officers and several vacant positions on the local police force. 

“Those are all factors that I can’t necessarily point to as a causative factor for what’s happening,” he said.

Police Community Relations and Review Commission member Larry Nadler said that the information on arrests in the data supports what is seen in the Oxford community, with relatively few arrests occurring.

“So if people are wondering how often [an arrest] is, the answer is not very often,” Nadler said. “I mean, one a day is not a lot.