Search continues for local man missing since 2020

Michael McKenney went missing May 23, 2020 near the covered bridge in Hueston Woods, but after two years, the search for his body continues. 

“We have no new information about Michael at this point,” Yalonda Middleton, McKenney’s mother, said. “So searches like the one this weekend are important.” McKenney was 28 when he disappeared.

A new search organized by McKenney’s family will be conducted starting at 10 a.m.  Saturday, July 23  at the spot near the covered bridge where his car was found. About 20 volunteers are expected, and the family is asking for more to join by signing up at Bring Michael Home. He was last seen in the Lindenwald area of Hamilton.

“We got permission to search, and we need help,” Middleton said. “During the time of the initial search the area was flooded. It stopped us from going further out and searching different directions. But now we can cover more ground.” 

The family has conducted several searches, both in Hueston Woods and other areas nearby, and has sought help from a private investigator. 

“People seem to be more apt to talk to our private investigator than the police,” Middleton said. “He has gotten some tips. Nothing has come of them, but it still seems like a good option for people to leave tips and someone to speak to.”

The family is still accepting donations to continue funding the private investigator and the monetary reward for whoever finds McKenney.

“We have to make maps, and buy water and snacks for our search volunteers. Then find the private investigator,” Middleton said. “I mostly want to raise money for the reward, but I still have hope that I will get a knock at my door and there he will be.”