Oxford Police reports break-in at fraternity house


Two unknown male suspects were chased out of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity house at 3 a.m., April 20, after entering through a window and spraying a fire extinguisher on the second floor. 

According to a report by Oxford Police, the suspects entered the house at 102 Talawanda Road, through a window on the southeast corner of the building. One reportedly went to the third floor, while the other went to the second floor. 

The suspect on the third floor began knocking on doors, waking up the sleeping fraternity members. After being chased around the building, the suspect escaped, according to the report.

The second suspect reportedly emptied a fire extinguisher all over the second floor of the building before also exiting. The Oxford Fire Department was dispatched to air out the second floor from the fumes of the fire extinguisher. 

The incident was reported by fraternity house manager Alexander Vankham, police said. Vankham also told police that once the suspects were caught, they would be asked to pay restitution for damage to the building.