City Council reinstates parking meter fees


It is time to feed the meters once again in Uptown Oxford. Photo by Blake Boyd

By Casey Brosokas

You now have to pay to park in Uptown Oxford again, as the city eases out of its COVID-19 shutdown.

On June 3,  Oxford City Council voted to reinstate the parking meter operation and its enforcement. Parking meter fees had been suspended March 17, as an aide to the few businesses that were able to remain open during the pandemic shutdown.

Now that local businesses and restaurants have been reopening, the council decided it was in the city’s best interest to operate the parking meters once again, “Turnover for these parking spaces is important for our businesses!” the Oxford Police Department said in a statement released Wednesday.

The city encourages Uptown business employees to park at 10-hour meters surrounding the Uptown area, which can be found in the Uptown Parking Lot and on Church Street and Walnut Street. Staff of Uptown businesses should not park in the two-hour meters which are meant for customer parking and to encourage residents and visitors to come into Oxford and enjoy the town.

Rates for the two-hour meters still run at 50 cents an hour, with a maximum time limit of two hours per parking spot. Parking at an expired meter will cost violators a $10 fine, while parking for longer than the time limit at a parking spot will result in a $25 fine for first offenders, with each occurrence of the offence adding $25 more to the fine.

For a more detailed list of parking violations and corresponding fines, visit the City of Oxford website.