Talawanda to offer virtual summer school


Photo provided by Talawanda School District

Three weeks of summer school start June 1, at Talawanda High School.

By Rebecca Smith

Talawanda School District will have a virtual three-week summer school for high school students beginning Tuesday, June 1. 

The school will offer a variety of classes for both credit recovery and advancement. 

Credit recovery courses are for students who have to repeat classes they have failed, which can include English I-IV, world history, American history, government and politics, physical science, biology, algebra I and II and geometry. Students wishing to take these courses must have approval from a school counselor.

Advancement courses include personal finance, health, and career and college readiness. 

These courses have grade restrictions. personal finance can only be taken by incoming students in grades 10 through 12; career and college readiness can only be taken by incoming 11th and 12th graders; and health is available to all high school students.

Each of the advancement classes is worth .5 credits.

According to Chris Rhoton, assistant principal of Talawanda High School, advancement courses are taken by more students than credit recovery courses. 

“80% to 85% of summer school students are taking courses for advancement and that number has been consistent for some years now,” Rhoton said.

Of approximately 960 students attending Talawanda High School, around 150 to 175 participate in summer school, Rhoton said. 

Although the pandemic has affected students’ learning, Rhoton said there has not been an increase in the number of students needing summer school over the number who signed up last year.

“Last year and this year, the numbers seem to hold steady with our numbers historically,” he said.

The pandemic has not even affected the mode of learning for students in summer school, as the district has been conducting it online for years now.

“Summer school has been run almost entirely virtually for a number of years now. It allows us to offer more options for students looking for remediation,” Rhoton said.

The fee for summer school is $150 per class, according to Rhoton. 

The school has options for families who need financial assistance, including scholarships.

“Any student who receives free or reduced lunch qualifies to go to summer school free of charge. Others who don’t qualify for free lunch can apply for a 50% tuition waiver while funds last,” said Rhoton.

To apply for the 50% tuition waiver, families can submit a letter to the board office or high school office, explaining their need for assistance, according to the Talawanda District website.

Payment will be accepted through EZPay, check or cash, and must be submitted before June 18.

Registration for summer school is due by Friday, May 28. To register, click here.

Attendance during summer school is taken each day based on the length of time a student is logged on their computer and how much work has been completed. Each student is given weekly goals to get all of their work done.

Students registering for summer school are instructed to keep their district-owned computers over the summer to complete work. If they would rather work from their personal computer, they are allowed to do so as well.

According to the Talawanda website, each day in summer school equals one full week in the regular school year. The website stresses the importance of concluding the full workload each day to keep up with the fast-paced curriculum. All classwork must be completed in the three-week time frame, due entirely at 10 am Friday, June 18.

If a student cannot complete their coursework in time, they fail the class, without a refund of the fees.