ShareFest encourages students to donate, recycle unwanted items


Photo provided by Robert Abowitz

Don’t just dump your unwanted household goods and furniture at the curb when you move out of Oxford this spring. The city has several recycling and donation suggestions instead.

The City of Oxford released a move-out guide for Miami students. The guide details where students can donate items they no longer need or want, and how to properly recycle and dispose of trash.

Donating Items

The city recommends that students, whether living in dorms or off-campus housing, donate their unwanted “move out” items to ShareFest. This will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. May 13 through May 19 at the Chestnut Fields parking lot, 100 block of W. Chestnut, according to

ShareFest, partners with Goodwill, will accept items such as reusable furniture, non-perishable food items, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items and usable clothing. It will not accept mattresses, bedding and broken furniture.

Other places students can donate or sell items to are Oxford Ohio Online Yard Sale and Local Occurrences and Neighborhood Share – Oxford, Ohio

Recycling and Trash Disposal

The city reminds students that paper, cartons, metal cans, plastic bottles, jugs, tubs and glass bottles and jars are all recyclable. These should be placed in your residence’s green recycle wheeler.

As for trash disposable at off-campus housing, Oxford wants students to keep in mind that trash bins cannot exceed 60 pounds in weight and have to be able to fully close when filled up. 

Oxford increases its Rumpke pickup schedule and offers additional pick up times from Thursday, May 13 through Saturday, May 22, according to

There will be extra dumpsters at the following locations if students have more move-out trash that cannot fit in their weekly garbage:

  • 107 E. Church St.
  • 6 N. Beech St.
  • 22 E. Walnut St.
  • 130 Homestead Ave.
  • 109 E. Collins St.
  • 18 E. Vine St.
  • 319 E. Vine St.
  • 410 S. Poplar St.
  • 120 S. Beech St. 

If students have any questions, they can call the Oxford utility department at 513-524-5221.