Miami Revises Weapon Policy to Allow Mace On Campus


Under Miami’s amended code of student conduct, students may now carry chemical sprays such as Mace, on campus. Photo by Riely Miracle

By Jarred Kappers and Riely Miracle

New amendments to the Miami University Code of Student Conduct will take effect July 1. These amendments include major and minor changes to the code and were approved by the Miami University Student Life Council on April 25.

While the Code of Student Conduct is amended every year, many changes are relatively minor. This year, however, some changes will have a substantial impact.

Minor changes this year include the list of violations now being in alphabetical order, as well as Greek life being included in the term “student organizations.”

Major amendments were made to the Prohibited Conduct section, the section that includes policies by which students may be suspended or dismissed from the university for violating.

An exception was made to the Weapons policy of the Prohibited Conduct section which states that a student with a valid concealed handgun license may transport or store a firearm or ammunition, with the understanding that they are kept in a student’s vehicle.

While the student is not in the vehicle, the firearm and ammunition must be kept in a locked container. The vehicle may only be in a location where it is permitted to be. This change to the code was required by Ohio revised Code Section 2923.1210.

Otherwise, storage of dangerous weapons, devices, and substances is still prohibited activity. This includes the possession and use of a weapon, unless authorized by the Miami University Police Department (MUPD).

A revision to the university’s weapons policy clarifies that pepper spray is now allowed for personal protection. Possession of stun or zip guns and Tasers remains prohibited. An additional clause prohibits the “misuse of weapons, devices, mace or pepper spray in a manner that causes or threatens serious harm to the safety or security of others.”

Prior to these amendments students were prohibited from carrying any sort of weapon with them, regardless of the intended use. That included chemical sprays, such as Mace, that are designed for personal protection. Legal in most places, including the city of Oxford, such sprays can be purchased online and in many retail stores. But prior to the new amendment, the university housing and security staff, could confiscate them on sight.