Health district citations include Greek houses

Since Feb. 2, Butler County General Health District has reviewed 12 Oxford establishments, including restaurants and Miami University dining and fraternity houses and found violations in six. The business cited for health violations since the last edition of the Observer are as follows: 

Brick House Cafe, 11 W. Church St., inspected Feb. 8, was cited with eight critical and eight non-critical violations. Critical violations included a lack of knowledge about food safety and storage, cross contamination, an inaccessible hand sink, the serving of raw fish that had not been properly frozen for parasite destruction, and toxic materials, such as roach spray, being stored by food. All violations, except the last, were corrected at the time of the inspection.  

Alpha Sigma Chi, 401 E. Sycamore St., inspected Feb. 6, was cited with three critical violations and five non-critical violations. The critical violations included an inaccessible hand washing sink, the improper storage of temperature controlled foods and raw eggs not being held in cool storage. 

Delta Kappa Epsilon Kappa Chapter House, 325 E. Sycamore St., inspected Feb. 6, was cited with two critical violations, including cleanliness of food-contact surfaces and utensils and foods not being held at proper chilled temperatures. Both critical violations were corrected during the inspection. 

Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, 200 E. High St., inspected Feb. 6, was cited with one critical violation, for keeping chlorine sanitizing solution at the wrong temperature or concentration.

Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, 130 E. High St., inspected Feb. 6, was cited with one critical and one non-critical violation. The critical violation, which was corrected during the inspection, included storing quaternary ammonium sanitizing solution at an incorrect temperature, concentration and/or water hardness. 

Martin Dining Hall, 5397 Bonham Road, inspected Feb. 8, received one critical violation because the hand washing sink had a sponge in it, indicating it was being used for a purpose other than hand washing. The violation was corrected during the inspection.