Gutowski Letter

To the Editor:

From time to time since Oxford lost our local newspaper, I have heard friends lament its demise. I shared their feelings but resigned myself to consign the idea of a community newspaper to a shelf in my “good old days” archives. Last year, when I heard about this proposed project being considered, I was skeptical that it would never be more than a good idea. I was surprised when a friend shared the news that the venture had been launched.  

I poured a cup of coffee and sat down this morning, deciding to briefly check it out. Instead, I found myself reading this site “cover-to-cover,” just like I did each week in the “good old days.” The first copy of the Oxford Observer exceeded my expectations and I am so impressed with the effort it must have taken to coordinate and so successfully launch this first edition.  It is easy to navigate, user-friendly and extremely informative. I was surprised by the scope of topics covered while remaining community focused. I poured a second cup of coffee and found myself reaching for a third as I read explanations about green boxes, street ownership, TCS school performance scores, mascot, superintendent, pay-to-play, the old and new pools, and Airbnbs.  

No, I didn’t pour that third cup of coffee. But I did keep reading. Each article proved so interesting. I appreciate that they were really fresh, local, community-focused news. That old feeling of being connected to my community returned again. Having read everything, I emailed friends recommending that they check out this great new Oxford resource. I hope it will be counted as a sustainable resource for years to come. My “good old days” archives library is almost full! Meanwhile, I just wanted you to know your efforts are appreciated. Thank you and congratulations on an amazing accomplishment.  

Rosemarie Gutowski


Sept. 17, 2018