Health district dishes out violations to Miami’s concession stands

The Butler County General Health District inspected four Miami University concession stands at Yager Stadium on Weeb Ewbank Way and Miami’s mobile pizza unit on Sept. 10. All were cited with critical health violations.

Miami Concessions Stand 13 received three critical violations for not properly protecting food from contamination, holding hot foods at improper temperature and not having sufficient hot water capacity.

Miami Concessions Stand 17 received a critical violation for using the back storage room as the band’s locker room and storage area. The concession stand and storage room may not be used by both the band and food service, according to the report. 

Miami’s pizza unit received two critical violations and one non-critical violation. Critical violations include; insufficient hot water capacity and water pressure not available to all fixtures as required.

Yager Stadium West 2 received one critical violation for not having a hand washing sink accessible.

Yager Stadium West 3 received one critical violation for not maintaining hot foods at the proper temperature.