Readers say housing is the greatest community need in Oxford


Last week’s question of the week was “What is Oxford’s greatest community need?”

Community members responded with the following comments:

I would easily say that we need truly affordable and safe non-student housing. Rental prices have continued to rise or be completely inaccessible for families who do not qualify for state benefits, but who earn lower than average incomes (the working poor/lower middle class). Home prices have followed national trends and are inflated and over-valued. Many of the more reasonably priced homes for sale of late were very old and needed lead or asbestos abatement or expensive repairs, which caused them to no longer be affordable/safe. In a college town, location also matters, as the college lifestyle rarely is conducive to raising a family or keeping standard work hours. – Emily Moore, Oxford 

Affordable housing for all citizens, including those who rent and those who are able to own, so that there is an end to homelessness. – Anne Bailey, Oxford

Affordable housing. – Carol Robinson McLaughlin, West College Corner, Indiana

Oxford needs a bookstore. – Bill Wortman, Oxford