A New Business Aspires To Lessen Oxford’s Stress While Helping to Relieve Aches, Pains and Fatigue


Aaron Smith

Hilary Davis opened Oxford Therapeutic Massage on Fairfield Road in Oxford, earlier this month. Photo by Aaron Smith

Miami University alumna, Hilary Davis, opened a new business in town this month that she hopes will help ease the pain and relax the spirits of her Oxford neighbors.

Oxford Therapeutic Massage, at 5958 Fairfield Road, offers Swedish and deep tissue massage used for sports injury recovery, easing pregnancy discomfort, general stress relief and relaxation.

A Swedish massage is a technique that uses lighter pressure on the muscles. A deep tissue massage targets deeper structures and muscles with greater pressure.

Davis has different certifications; one is in pregnancy massage. After recently giving birth to a son, she understands the aches and pains that occur while pregnant. She takes pride in helping other pregnant women find the relief and comfort that they need.

Appointments can be made by telephone or online through the company’s website.

Davis, a 2008 Miami graduate, is a medical massage therapist and has been working in Oxford for 10 years. She graduated from Miami with a degree in Kinesiology with a focus on human performance and sports studies. She also has a minor in family and child studies.

She has a first-hand understanding of the value massage can bring to muscles that have been through the stress and pain of hard exercise. As a Miami undergraduate, Davis was part of the varsity synchronized skating team. The team won two national championships while Davis was there.

After graduation, Davis continued her education at the Cincinnati School of Medical Massage. She graduated in the top 10 of her class. She has state medical and national licenses.

Originally from Springfield, Illinois, she met her husband, Drew Davis while studying at Miami. Drew Davis is now the assistant director of business operations in the department of student affairs.

Massages are great for muscle relaxation, reducing fatigue and encourage better sleep, Davis said. Also, massages help with mental and emotional health.

“Stress is something we all have had at some point or another, massages are a great way to take some time to yourself just to relax, disengage from your stresses and just focus on yourself,” she said.

Davis said that after living here for 10 years, she has come to think of Oxford as much more than a college town. She has met a lot of different people and enjoys not just working with students but with the residents of Oxford as well. It is now a hometown.

“Helping them find relief is so rewarding beyond just a job,” Davis said.