Hueston Woods park resumes programs through Labor Day

By Chloe Price

After the pandemic shut down many of its activities last year, Hueston Woods State Park resumes a variety of nature and aquatic programs to visitors this summer. 

Starting in June and lasting until Labor Day, Hueston Woods offers various Nature Programs that are open to the public. 

Wednesday through Sunday anyone can go to the park to participate in programs that range from boating, hiking, learning about wildlife and the most popular, Birds of Prey, according to Naturalist Shawn Conner. 

All programs are free and open to all ages, although minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Pam Coleman and her husband signed up for the kayaking class because “my husband is now retired and loves to fish. We both are thinking about buying kayaks.”  The couple, who live in nearby Preble County, said they enjoy coming to the park as often as possible. 

The programs draw in people from all around Oxford and surrounding cities and counties. 

 “We offer a little bit of everything,” Conner said. “During the week we do a lot of boating things that are popular, such as stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking and canoeing. [But] last year we did a lot of virtual stuff due to COVID-19.”  

With about 20 different program options that are running all summer through Labor Day, there is something for everyone. Even sign-ups can be done at the park office or at the marina for water programs. For more information on signing up, you can visit Hueston Woods Facebook page.