New boba and milk tea shop opens on Locust


Photo by Stella Beerman

Le Tea, a new tea shop at 411 S. Locust St., had its soft opening earlier this summer.

Le Tea, a boba and milk tea shop opened its doors for a soft opening earlier this summer at 411 S. Locust St., where Millions of Milk Tea was located until spring of 2020. 

“A must-try,” Krista Jones, an Oxford community member, said about the spot on Oxford Talk’s Facebook group this week

Open every day from noon until 9:30 p.m., the shop offers milk teas, dirty teas, fresh fruit iced tea, and cheese tea, a beverage made with black or green tea and topped with a sweet and salty cream cheese foam. 

Some of the shop’s specialties include peach oolong tea, jasmine green milk tea, taro milk tea, brown sugar boba milk, green tea fruit punch, and mango cheese tea. 

The shop also offers a range of toppings for the beverages, including several types of boba, red bean, cheese foam, aloe vera, and jellies.