Letter to the Editor: Hueston Woods should provide swimming like in the 1970s

To the Editor:

When I was in high school, my friends and I went to Hueston Woods State Park, near Oxford, frequently. We hiked the trails, biked the roads and visited the beach on Acton Lake. In the ‘70s the beach was pristine, the concession stand was open and there were changing rooms and showers. During the summer months, the beach was usually crowded and there was almost always a ranger present for security. There were always two or three lifeguards on duty during the posted hours.

My high school buddies and I swam and splashed around in the lake. We relaxed on the beach and, being high school guys, we watched the girls. 

Today, the beach is no longer pristine nor guarded. A prominent sign reads “Swim at Your Own Risk,” the concession stand is now closed and people walk their dogs on the beach.

The Hueston Woods Lodge has two beautiful pools, one indoors and one outside; however, these pools are used exclusively by lodge and cabin guests. 

I have been to some state parks that have public swimming pools not open exclusively to lodge and cabin guests. It is time for Hueston Woods to again provide swimming for the general public. The ideal location (for a new pool) is the beach area. It has a magnificent view of Acton Lake and the parking lot would accommodate the new pool guests. A reasonable user fee could be charged to help cover maintenance and lifeguard expenses. Also, pool concession stand profits could be used exclusively to cover pool expenses. There could be single family fees and annual passes. This would be a wonderful win/win situation for the park and the local community.

Terry L. Barker
Butler, Ky.