Letter to the Editor: A vote for Biden protects us from Trump’s destructive impulses

To the Editor:

One vote on the Supreme Court decided cases this year that saved women’s reproductive freedom, prevented unjust deportations of children and upheld California’s life-saving coronavirus precautions. Trump opposed each of these decisions and both of his appointed Supreme Court justices voted his way on them at every opportunity. 

In recent years, one vote prevented President Trump from skewing the census for partisan gain, saved the Affordable Care Act and recognized marriage equality for LGBT people. One vote also allowed Trump to fraudulently spend billions on his border wall without consent of Congress and ban legal immigration from entire countries based on religious prejudice. 

Our courts have so far protected us from some of Trump’s most destructive impulses, but if he wins a second term, Trump will stack the judicial branch with more reactionary judges who will enable his agenda for decades. 

In contrast, Joe Biden has a history of supporting more moderate judges who have upheld Americans’ rights. 

Those who support reproductive choice, children, fighting the pandemic, fair elections, accessible health care, equality under the law, the separation of powers, legal immigration and freedom of religion have abundant reasons to support Biden for president. 

Matt Johanson