Women Arrested Trying to Take Selfies on Roof of Police Station

By Peyton Gigante

Two young women trying to take selfies on the roof of Oxford’s new police station ended up getting their mug shots taken by the police.

On Thursday, Sept. 27, Emily Naramore, 18, a Miami first-year student from Cincinnati, and Brenna O’Malley, 18, of Delaware, Ohio, were caught climbing onto the roof after slipping through a fence around the building, which is being remodeled. According to police reports, they were taking videos of themselves by the cupola.

The girls managed to break some terra cotta tiles on the roof. This sort of tile is “no more than a clay pot that you put your flowers in … it breaks when you step on it,” said Lieutenant Lara Fening.

Officer Adam Price was loading an arrestee into his cruiser in the alley next to the building when he heard noises inside the construction fence.

After being detained by Price, the two girls were taken to the booking area of the station. There, police located a fake ID from Pennsylvania in O’Malley’s possession. The two girls told them they had been at Brick Street Bar and Grill, on High Street, consuming alcohol. While walking home, they passed the construction site and thought it would be “so cool to get pictures” of themselves by the cupola, police said.

O’Malley was charged with criminal trespassing, underage consumption of alcohol,  and possession of a fake ID. Naramore was charged with criminal trespassing and underage consumption of alcohol.

O’Malley’s phone was confiscated as evidence.