Please support the Oxford Observer’s efforts in local journalism


The Oxford Observer benefits from a new fund that will help keep Oxford from becoming a news desert.

Journalism is important stitching in the fabric of a free society.   

The nation’s founders realized that the country needed a free press to inform the people about what the government was doing and how the actions of those in power affect the lives and well-being of everyone else. 

That sounds like a very high-minded notion, but in reality it means covering things that are mundane as well as glamorous, things that are routine as well as scandalous, things that are heartbreaking as well as joyful.

It also means having respect for the truth of every story we cover. Our journalism students are taught that their first obligation is to the truth and that their first loyalty must be to their readers.

At the Oxford Observer we strive to put those lessons into practice with every piece of news we cover in Oxford and its surrounding area. 

The Observer, staffed by students of Miami University’s Department of Media Journalism & Film and overseen by faculty from the department, provides a free, weekly online source of information about what is going on in our community.

We have continued to bring you the news during the COVID-19 shutdown and during times when the university is not in regular session, including the month of January and nine weeks of publication during the summer. 

We could not do this without the generous support of The Oxford Community Foundation, the Menard Family Center for Democracy and the non-profit Report for Ohio Fund administered by the Department of Media, Journalism & Film. 

These groups fund internships and fellowships for our student reporters and copy editors during the summer and January terms and help support the faculty editors.

Freedom of the press is a cherished right for Americans, but it cannot exist without the support of its readers and others who want to see the coverage of our governmental, educational and social institutions continue.

Contributions are welcome online to the Miami Advancement office (specify “other,” then “Report for Ohio Fund”) or by check to Miami University Advancement, 725 Chestnut St., Oxford, Ohio 45056, with “Report for Ohio Fund” in the memo line.