Miami construction will close part of Spring Street


Map by Miami University Marketing and Communications

Areas highlighted in yellow will be enclosed with a construction fence May 15 to Aug. 1.

Spring Street will be closed May 18 to 27 south of Campus Avenue, in front of McGuffey Hall on Miami University’s campus. 

The reason for the closure is to facilitate the installation of underground hot and cold water pipes to convert to geothermal heating of buildings in the Academic Quad, according to a university press release. 

As a result of the construction, several areas of campus and the McGuffey Hall parking lot will be enclosed by construction fences until Aug. 1. 

The areas around McGuffey Hall, Bishop Hall, Alumni Hall and Irvin Hall will first be sectioned off to replace the heating and cooling systems. Later in the summer, Miami plans to work on King Library and Hall Auditorium to complete the final phase of this project.

According to a press release, the university has saved more than $95 million through energy conservation efforts since 2008.