Health inspectors find violations at three Oxford businesses

Since March 31, the Butler County General Health District has inspected 22 Oxford businesses and Miami University establishments, including concession stands and Goggin Ice Center. Critical violations were found at three:

  • Rapid Fired Pizza, 7 W. High Street, inspected April 4, received one critical violation for improper storage of toxic chemicals. A bottle of sanitizing solution was at the end of the pizza prep line. The person in charge corrected this, labeling and storing the bottle after inspection.
  • Colony Food Mart, 5284 College Corner Pike, inspected April 4, received two critical and seven noncritical violations. One critical violation was a repeated violation for improper storage of raw animal-derived foods to prevent cross contamination. Raw bacon, eggs and milk were not stored separately from ready-to-eat foods. This violation was corrected during the inspection. The other critical violation was that the water heater was damaged, leaving the establishment without hot water.
  • Yum Yum Chinese Restaurant, 24 E. Park Place, inspected April 6, received one critical and four noncritical violations. The critical violation resulted from the presence of live inspects, rodents or other pests. The health inspector observed rodent droppings in the back storage area near the hot water heater and in the cabinets by the rice cookers.