Miami students to protest against gun violence

Students Demand Action will hold a rally to protest gun violence in America at noon April 12 on the sorority quad of Miami’s campus. 

The rally will last for an hour, with speakers set to talk on gun violence prevention and actions students can take.

“We are advocating for different policies and for different bills going through the legislature,” said Peren Tiemann, co-leader of the student group. “In the wake of another school shooting, there’s a lot of energy on campus we hope to harness.”

He said he worked with Raquel Hirsch to orchestrate the protest. The two leaders of the student organization attended a training program about a month ago and planned the rally then. The organization has set a goal of getting universities to pledge not to invest or to disinvest in the gun industry.

“This is part of a national campaign series of rallies happening within this week,” Tiemann said.