Oxford Police call in SWAT team after knife fight during busy week

Oxford Police responded to incidents of sexual assault, disorderly conduct and activated SWAT protocol between Feb. 20 and Feb. 27.

Officers responded to a report early in the morning of Feb. 21 of a possible gross sexual imposition on Indian Trace Drive.

Two injuries occurred at Brick Street Bar over the weekend. On Feb. 25, a man was struck in the head by a thrown bottle and required staples to close the wound. The next night, police officers and firefighters responded to a report that a man had fallen down the stairs and cut his head. When firefighters arrived, the man struck one of them and was arrested for disorderly conduct after being transported to the hospital.

In the early morning of Feb. 25, officers responded to a report of a fight where a knife was brandished on Indian Trace Drive. Two suspects were identified at the scene, at which point they retreated into an apartment and held a father and his two children hostage, according to police reports. 

SWAT protocol was activated and the three victims were removed from the apartment while the suspects were taken into custody.