Health inspectors issue citations against a fraternity and two dining halls


Since Feb. 23, Butler County General Health District has reviewed eight Oxford establishments and found critical violations at four. The businesses cited for health violations since the last edition of the Observer are as follows:

  • Bruno’s Pizza, 31 E. High St., inspected Feb. 28, cited with one critical violation that was corrected during the inspection. Restaurant inspectors found a buildup of grime and food debris on a can opener blade which was taken to the dishwasher. 
  • MapleStreet Station, 521 Maple St., inspected Feb. 27, cited with two critical and two non-critical violations. The critical violations included raw animal foods being cooked using a non-continuous cooking process and foods not being stored at proper temperatures.
  • Garden Dining Hall, 95 N. Peterson Dr., inspected Feb. 24, received one critical violation because foods were not being stored at the proper, cold temperature. The violation was corrected during the inspection. 
  • Tau Kappa Epsilon, 112 S Campus Ave., inspected Feb. 24, cited with two critical violations, including lack of employee knowledge about when to not prepare food in cases of illness and because the handwashing sink was inaccessible.