Erin Brockovich to speak at Miami’s Middletown


In 1991, a paralegal discovered suspicious medical records while sifting through files for a real estate case. She ventured out to the Mojave Desert of California and found green water, frogs with two heads and residents suffering a plethora of health issues.

After convincing lawyer Ed Masry to take on the case, in 1996 Erin Brockovich helped over 600 plaintiffs receive a $333 million settlement from the Pacific Gas & Electric company and became a household name.

Brockovich has since authored a New York Times bestseller, and become an inspirational speaker and encouraged others to spread positive change throughout the world.

Perhaps most known for Julia Robert’s portrayal of her in the 2000 film that carries her name, Erin Brockovich will speak at 7 p.m. March 9 at the Dave Finkelman Auditorium on the Miami University Middletown Campus at 4200 N. University Boulevard.

The presentation is part of the Alex and Lena Casper Memorial Lecture Series.