Planning commission OKs plans for Waffle House

By Alex Lavine

The Oxford Planning Commission has approved plans for a proposed Waffle House restaurant at 5000 College Corner Pike, near the Mt. Olivet Cemetery. 

The Waffle House would be open 24 hours a day, the standard for a Waffle House restaurant, and would be one of Oxford’s only 24-hour establishments.

“The potential development of a Waffle House would be a welcomed addition to our service industry options in Oxford,” said City Economic Development Specialist, Seth Cropenbaker. 

According to city documents, the restaurant is expected to hire five waiters, two cooks and one manager. 

However, three property owners on West Vine Street sent a joint letter to the city’s community development office voicing their concerns about light pollution, litter and traffic from a 24-hour restaurant. One complained at a public meeting that the site was too small for a Waffle House, and that its parking lot offered a view directly into her home.

The land the restaurant would be built on is owned by Oxford Legacy, a limited liability company registered in Ohio by Mathew A. Troy of Oxford.

Now that it has been approved by the planning commission, the proposal goes to city council for two readings. Community development planner Zachary Moore said that at the first meeting, March 7, council will hear from representatives of Waffle House and take public comments. He said council is expected to make a final vote on a second reading March 21.

Because Waffle House has not obtained a building permit, he said that officials do not know when construction will begin or the restaurant would ultimately open.