Talawanda proposal would reshuffle schools, end busing to to high school


Photo by Corbett Haase

The district will no longer provide buses to Talawanda High School under a cost-cutting proposal being considered by the district.

Talawanda School District proposes a plan to reshuffle schools and end high school buses.

In a blog post sent out last week, Talawanda School District Superintendent Edward Theroux announced a proposal that he said would create cost savings and spare critical school programs that were at risk for being cut.

This proposal aims to reshuffle where elementary school students will take classes, by moving all students in a given grade to the same building. Bogan Elementary would serve grades K-1, Marshall Elementary would serve grades 2-3 and Kramer Elementary would serve Pre-K and grades 4-5.

The plan also involves the “elimination of busing” for Talawanda High School. 

Theroux said it would also entail changes to start and end times of schools around the district.