Police charge Indiana man with shooting people with toy gun for TikTok challenge


Photo obtained from Gel Blaster website

This model of toy gun was used in the assault at the Circle K gas station.

Oxford Police responded to a report of two males in a vehicle shooting a gun at people as they drove by on the afternoon of Jan. 17. Once the men were apprehended, officers found that the gun was a toy.

Lt. Lara Fening described the weapon as a gel-based pellet gun, and that getting hit with one of the pellets can hurt. Several people called police but no injuries were reported.

The individual who filed the report told police she was filling up her car at the Circle K gas station, 11 N. College Ave., when the two men arrived in their vehicle and shot her several times in the back with the toy gun, startling her. She then said the men started laughing and sped away.

An OPD officer pulled over a vehicle matching the victim’s description while responding to a similar complaint, according to the police report. The officer noticed a toy gun on the car’s floor and the occupants admitted to shooting people with it, claiming it was for a “TikTok challenge.”

The officer said both the driver and passenger admitted to shooting at different points. Only the passenger, an 18-year-old male from Brookville, Indiana, was arrested and charged with assault after he admitted to shooting the victim who made the report.

According to reports, the driver said they came to Oxford because “there is no one to shoot in Brookville.”

The toy gun was seized and is in possession of the police department.