Health department dishes out three critical violations

Three Oxford restaurants received critical violations from the Butler County Health Department this past week. 

Bruno’s Pizza on High Street received one critical violation for not using sanitizing solution in its dishwasher. Bruno’s also received two non-critical violations, one for having rust on non-food contact surfaces, and another for dust in vents above the dishwasher and sinks. 

Yum Yum Chinese restaurant on High Street was cited for one critical violation due to an inaccessible handwashing sink. Yum Yum received one non-critical violation for failure to post procedures for how to respond to vomiting or diarrhea emergency events. The Yum Yum was also told to purchase a body fluid cleanup kit. 

Millett Hall’s Kitchen received one critical violation for unclean food contact surfaces or utensils. Black debris was built up on tongs within the kitchen, according to the report. Millett also received one non-critical violation for improper materials on non-contact food surfaces, including refrigerator handles, which prohibited cleaning.

Goggin Ice Center’s Club Kitchen received no critical violations, but was cited for a non-critical violation of improper lighting. Three lightbulbs were reportedly out over food prep areas.