City council tables second reading for managed natural lawn areas


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Oxford City Council tabled the final reading of an ordinance allowing residents to turn grassy lawns into “managed natural lawn areas” on their property. 

The report says the legislation recognizes citizens’ requests to use their plots in an ecologically beneficial manner “through the planting of vegetation in lawn areas, including native grasses and forbs, and other plants beneficial to pollinators.”

Those plants would be able to grow over the city’s current 10-inch height limit for vegetation on residential properties.

A natural lawn area must be “planned, intentional, and maintain planting of native plants or non-invasive plants of any origin that is free from noxious weeds,” according to the report. 

Vegetation cannot be allowed to affect sight lines for safe vehicular travel, public rights of way, drainage utility easements, or neighboring properties. Residents have three growing seasons to demonstrate that a public nuisance is not created.