Oxford police investigate bomb threat and stolen pressure washer

Oxford police responded to three calls for theft, three for domestic violence, and eight for alcohol-related violations over the past week, according to its weekly media report. 

One alcohol-related violation was a DUI which occurred on Oct. 16. A male driver was arrested after police were told of a suspicious vehicle in the area. The driver was released on recognizance at 601 S. Locust St. 

Oxford police were dispatched to RDI Connect Oxford, 110 S. Locust St., after 3 p.m. Oct. 11 for a bomb threat. A threatening message had been sent to the phone of an RDI supervisor who was working from home.

Theft calls included a missing Rumpke trash receptacle on Kelly Drive and a stolen pressure 

washer dropped off by a customer for repair at Oxford’s Ace Hardware. The victim said she brought the washer to be fixed several weeks ago but was told it was no longer there when she checked on the repair on Oct. 10. She was told that all employees working in the repair shop had been fired. Oxford police are investigating.