Oxford Farmers Market creates new currency: Market bucks


Photo by Xingrui Lu

Laura Brubaker, of Little Creek Farm in West Manchester, holds a bunch of her flowers that she sells.

By Xingrui Lu

Visitors to the Oxford Farmers Market can now leave their cash at home if they bring a credit card for “Market Bucks,” the farmers markets’ currency.

Sellers said they appreciate not having to make change for cash or deal with credit cards. 

Shoppers can also use Market bucks at the Oxford Farmers Market instead of cash or card. Photo by Xingrui Lu

The Oxford Farmers Market offers seasonal products in the Uptown Park Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings from May to September. 

“It’s called cultivating community,” said market manager Larry Slocum, “You can get to know your neighbors, meet people there, and enjoy.”

Slocum said the farmers arrive at uptown about an hour and a half before the market starts. However, they have been preparing all week by harvesting produce and getting it ready.

Farmers load their trucks on Friday night and they head out to the market the next morning. 

“I am responsible for growing flowers,” said Laura Brubaker, a flower farmer from West Manchester, Ohio, “This is my first time selling flowers in uptown.”

Farmers Market musician Dave Sams plays every weekend at the market. Photo by Xingrui Lu

Musician Dave Sams has been playing country music at the farmers market since 2020. 

“I get a stipend from Oxford Farmers Market and am invited to play,” Sams said.

Sams hangs a Chinese Tibetan rope from his microphone pole, for the traditional purpose of driving out evil spirits to welcome good fortune.