Miami records a COVID-19 outbreak on campus


Observer file photo

This representation of the COVID-19 virus shows spikey proteins on the shell. Konkolewicz says his team is looking for polymers that can disrupt the shell.

The Butler County General Health District has determined that the Miami University student body is suffering a COVID-19 outbreak. 

Miami reports 194 known COVID-19 cases among students as of Sept. 1. Of those, 103 cases are students living in dorms.

“We strongly recommend wearing a mask while indoors during this outbreak period, especially in congregant living spaces (e.g. residence halls and fraternity houses) which present a higher risk of transmission,” the university’s COVID Response Team wrote in a campus-wide email.

We ask that members of our community continue to carry a mask with them and honor an individual’s request to wear a mask in their space (e.g., in a classroom, lab, office, etc.),” the COVID Response Team wrote.