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Local Voters Respond to Election Results and Tell Their Stories

By Nina Franco

November 9, 2018

In record numbers, 4.3 million Ohioans headed to the polls on Election Day. It was the highest midterm turnout in Ohio since 1994, with 54.3 percent of the electorate voting, according to the Ohio Secretary of State’s website.Robert Simpson, an election official stationed at Kramer Elementary School in Oxford on Election Day, cited unprecedented numb...

Council Members Ask City to Consider Higher Starting Wages

By Charis Whalen

November 2, 2018

Oxford City Council likely will endorse 2019 pay levels for city workers on Tuesday, but that will not likely be the end of discussion about beginning wages for part-timers. At least two members of council are interested in review...

Voting: It Really Matters!

By David Wells

October 26, 2018

As you can see from the colorful red, white and blue backdrop of this week’s edition of the Observer, it is election season. If you have turned on a television in the past few weeks you will have noticed the ubiquitous campaign ...

Public Health Preoccupies County Commission Candidates

By Olivia Lewis

October 26, 2018

A single Butler County commissioner’s seat is on the Nov. 6 ballot. Democrat Dora Bronston wants it. Incumbent Cindy Carpenter, a Republican who is the board’s current president, wants to keep it for a fourth term.Carpenter beat West...

Incarceration Rates, Deadly Opioids Weighed in Issue 1

By Tyler Pistor

October 26, 2018

Ohio Issue 1 proposes reducing penalties for some drug charges, reducing sentences for some drug felons and increasing funding for rehabilitation programs. The goals, supporters say, are to keep low-level drug users out of pr...

Meeting Attendees Want to ‘Save the Brave’

By Halie Barger

October 19, 2018

People arguing whether or not Talawanda High School should change its mascot filled the school’s auditorium at Monday’s school board meeting.A branding committee, formed to determine if the “Braves” mascot should be change...

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