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Butler County PAC endorses candidates for November election

By Ryan McSheffrey

September 13, 2019

The Butler County Progressive Political Action Committee (BCPPAC) endorsed three candidates for Oxford City Council and three candidates for the Talawanda Board of Education in this fall’s election, at its Tuesday meeting. Th...

Reily Township Trustee Faces Opponent in November Election

By Ryan McSheffrey

August 16, 2019

Reily Township Trustee Nick Schwab, a trustee for 36 years, will face an election challenge from Amanda Tuertscher Nov. 5."If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't do it," Schwab said. "The people have always voted me in and I would l...

Oxford Comprehensive Plan Considers Waiting for 2020 Census Data to Update

By Annie Craver

April 26, 2019

Oxford’s 10-year Comprehensive Plan is now 12 years old. It may be time for some revisions.During the summer of 2007, Oxford began the process of refurbishing the community’s Comprehensive Plan. The new plan, Oxford Tomorr...

Some, But Not All, Have Responded to Subpoenas for Delinquent City Taxes

By Ryan McSheffrey

November 9, 2018

Municipal income tax returns continue to trickle in after the City of Oxford sent out more than 1,500 administrative subpoenas in September to delinquent filers.Oxford's municipal income tax is a flat 2 percent, assessed on reside...

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