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Democratic debate takes on the issues, but no local participation

By Josiah Collins

November 22, 2019

Ten candidates met for the fifth Democratic presidential debate Wednesday night in Atlanta. Former Vice President Joe Biden; Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont; Sen. Kamala Harris of California; Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachuse...

Three Miami University staff members win seats on the Talawanda Board of Education

By Aaron Smith

November 8, 2019

Rebecca Howard, Kathleen Knight-Abowitz and Chris Otto won the three available seats on the Talawanda Board of Education in Tuesday’s election. Howard received 19.98% of the votes and a total of 2,824 votes;  Knight-Abowitz received ...

Here’s what you need to do to vote on Tuesday

November 1, 2019

Election Day in Ohio for municipal, township and school board elections is next Tuesday, Nov. 5. The polls will be open from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.To check your voting status, go to the website VoteOhio.gov and click on the “Check My Registration” tab on the home page...

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