New Parish, Ohio resident competes at Tokyo Olympics


Photo provided by Clayton Murphy

Clayton Murphy relaxing at the Olympics in Tokyo.

Clayton Murphy, of nearby New Paris, Ohio, finished ninth in the 800-meter sprint this week at the Tokyo Olympics, but he is still No. 1 to many of his friends and neighbors in this small, southern Ohio town.

There are many signs of support for Olympic runner Clayton Murphy in his hometown of New Paris, OH. Photo by Chloe Price

Murphy represented the United States for the second consecutive Olympic Games in the 800-meter run. Back in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games, Murphy took home a bronze medal. 

Many fans around his hometown proudly display signs in their front yards showing support for the runner. 

This year he was unable to grab a spot on the podium and finished ninth in the field with a time of 1:46.53. 

Murphy was the only American to make it to the 800-meter final race in this year’s Olympics.