Miami plans second Wellness Day March 9


Miami University’s second Wellness Day of the semester will take place Tuesday, March 9. No classes will be held so students can take a break from coursework and relax. 

Several free activities will be available to the public on the Wellness Day. 

The International Student Center will sponsor “NationaliTeas,” a grab-and-go tea-tasting station at the MacMillan Hall parking lot. 

Miami’s Recreational Sports Center will provide free programs to Miami faculty, staff and students on the Wellness Day. A Gentle Yoga class will be held at noon in Aerobics Room B. 

Miami is having five Wellness Days spaced throughout the semester instead of the traditional week-long spring break. The purpose is to cut down on student travel to and from Oxford to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

The first Wellness Day was Feb. 17. The remaining three Wellness Days will be March 25, April 12 and May 7.