Guest column: A contest between bad and worse choices


Alexa Scherzinger is a 2020 Miami University graduate in journalism and fashion design, who formerly reported for the Oxford Observer.

By Alexa Scherzinger

I’m not a big fan of Kamala Harris. Her prosecutorial record is abysmal and classist at best. However, as someone who lived in Indiana from 2008 to 2017, I harbor a deep burning hatred for Mike Pence.

In fact, when I started at Miami, I joked that I was trying to get away from Pence by leaving Indiana. That didn’t end up as I’d hoped.

In particular, as a member of the LGBT+ community, I’m painfully aware of the measures he took in Indiana that resulted in the torture and death of gays. From refusing to act on an AIDS outbreak in the state, to encouraging conversion therapy, the man is a demon.

As for Wednesday’s vice-presidential debate–more boring than the presidential one, but probably for the right reasons. I would say that the winner was definitely the fly that landed on Pence’s head halfway through.

Obviously, I didn’t get answers to policy questions, but candidates are never straightforward about that. Pence bringing up the swine flu when asked if Donald Trump was responsible for our COVID casualties was fun to watch. But my view on it is they’re just stand-ins for the actual candidates. No one really cares about the vice president unless the president dies, which to be fair, is a very possible scenario at some point within the next four years regardless of which septuagenarian wins. 

The candidates definitely evaded the questions because it’s their job to lie. The two-party system is poison, the Democratic National Convention (DNC) that edged Bernie out of the race is poison, and this country and its political hierarchy will burn to the ground in my lifetime, I assure you.

The biggest issue for me is probably health care or the environment. It isn’t comforting knowing that Biden said he would veto universal healthcare if given the chance, but his odds are better than Trump’s. He’s also the only one who believes in climate change, which is important. While I believe that the Green New Deal and other dramatic immediate action is necessary to cope with climate change, the corporate-owned DNC just won’t let that happen. So, Biden will suffice until the revolution begins.

Alexa Scherzinger is a 2020 Miami University graduate in journalism and fashion design,  who formerly reported for the Oxford Observer.