Police arrest maintenance man for theft of $1,600 worth of shoes


A pair of Adidas Yeezy Boost in “oxford tan.”

A former Miami Commons Apartment Complex maintenance worker, Christopher Frey, is facing burglary charges, accused of stealing 10 pairs of shoes from an apartment March 1.

The shoes included Yeezys, Nike Dunks and Jordans with a total value of more than $1,600, according to an Oxford police report.

The apartment tenant buys and resells shoes for a profit. The tenant told police that he set up a hidden video camera in his apartment because he thought that items were missing and was suspicious of property maintenance.

Frey was seen on camera entering and leaving the apartment with a big black trash bag. The hidden camera also captured a phone call between Frey and another male, identified as a former Miami Commons employee, who wanted the shoes. The former employee lives out-of-state.

Police detained Frey and recovered the shoes from his home. He was booked into Butler County Jail.